This is 3D breakout.  It features all of the usual breakout gameplay.  If you have any cool ideas to enhance the game, or find a bug, please email me.

It runs well under Netscape for windows, and IBM's JIT for Linux.  It runs decently in Internet Explorer on windows.  Netscape for X tends to explode at random while playing, but it seems to do that with or without my applet.  It is also very sluggish.  I highly recommend Netscape/win32 or IBM's JIT for Linux for fast play.  If you try it on a Browser or OS I don't list here, please email me and tell me how it went.

Note:  your browser must support Java 1.1 and you must have Java turned on.

Please link to this page, and not the game page, as I most likely will move things around. This page, however, will remain right here.

 Click here to play!
 Click here to play in wireframe (for slower computers)
 Click here to view the high scores list

break the bricks (duh).  White blocks turn light gray, then dark gray, then black, on each consecutive hit.  All other blocks break after one hit.

Mouse moves paddle.
Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown/Home/End manipulates the camera.

"THROUGH" -- ball destroys bricks as it passes through them.  multi-hit bricks break in one hit.
"CATCH" -- paddle catches ball.  click the mouse button to relaunch.
"PADDLE++" -- increased paddle width.
"PADDLE--" -- decreases paddle width.
"SPEED++" -- increases ball speed.
"SPEED--" -- decreases ball speed.
"DUALBALL" -- turns each ball into two balls.
"MULTIBALL" -- turns each ball into 8 balls.
"LIFE++" -- extra life!

(c) 1999  Nolan Leake